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Do you have a new idea or product you want to take into the construction market?

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Innovation in the construction industry requires a radical shift in mindset, new business models and cross-disciplines collaboration. Innovation is crucial to ensure the future we build is fit for purpose. At BE-WISE we can help you to overcome these difficulties and to understand and manage innovation, generate disruptive ideas and develop it to capture the value that unleashes the creativity of people in your organisation.

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Our team will assist your organisation's to implement the Building Information Modelling (BIM) process to increase value, improve the efficiency and safety of your construction projects as well as increase your profits across your business.
BIM integrates the design and engineering process through better communication of information. The implementation of BIM enhances better communication with the client/users, it develops a greater understanding within the project team of the building or infrastructure and enables a more integrated design. At BE-WISE will guide you from inception to successful adoption.

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Our team of experts can identify and address the most common workflow issues and help you to plan immediate actions.


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Our business advisory service supports world-class entrepreneurs and founders to validate their ideas and helps their venture to scale up nationally and internationally to achieve their business goals and create the exceptional companies of tomorrow.
Our mission is to become the chosen professional service offering for startups and scaleups who wants to bring innovation and digital transformation into the global construction market.


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Our workshops can help your organisation to foster creativity and drive better results. Learn the design thinking methodology to improve your organisational performance and solve complex challenges faster.

You can design the way you exercise leadership, how you manage your team, how you create and structure innovative ideas and incorporate design thinking methodology to procedures, protocols, customer and users experiences.


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Business Intelligence (BI) applications and practices ranges from the gathering of data, its analysis and integration, and its clear representation through business reports, graphs and visual tools.
Our BE-WISE analysts can collect, integrate and analyse competitor data and industry trends, in addition to your organisation's raw data. We create insightful marketing research using Data acquisition methodology & BI Analysis to develop a picture of where your organisation stands within your industry, what are your areas of improvement and where to reduce costs to ultimately assist you with your digital transformation journey.


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